Daiking Ductless Heating Units Silverdale, Bremerton, WA

Ductless heating and cooling systems are designed to be incredibly quiet while still providing the home with ultimate comfort and efficiency. A homeowner can drastically reduce monthly heating and cooling costs with this type of system and a ductless heating and cooling system is perfect for both small and medium sized homes thanks to its ability to distribute both warm and cool air in an efficient manner and very evenly. This is done with just one single indoor unit. As a homeowner, you will not find that there are warmer or cooler rooms in the home.


Quiet Operation

After making the switch to a Daikin ductless heating and cooling system, homeowners notice how drastically quiet the operation of the unit is. This is thanks to inverter technology as well as operating at low speeds. A typical unit will run at approximately nineteen decibels on the inside of the house. On the exterior of the home, the sound levels can be as low as forty-six decibels. In addition, there is an indoor unit quiet operation setting that will further drop the noise level by about two to three decibels.



All Daikin Ductless Heating and Cooling contractors are properly trained and Daikin Pro certified to perform affordable and high quality residential installations and service. In homes that were previously utilizing electric as their heating and cooling option, this process can be done very simply. The end result is a much more efficient ductless heating and cooling system that works at just a fraction of the cost as say ceiling, wall or baseboard heat. The switch actually pays for itself in a very short amount of time.


Indoor Air Quality

The quality of your indoor air is very important in order to maintain a healthy living environment. Older or less efficient systems can result in a higher amount of dust, dander and mold particles in the indoor air that you are breathing. A ductless heating and cooling system is much more efficient and also cleaner. Every unit utilizes air filters that are specifically designed to purify the air to get rid of mildew, gases, germs, pollen, dust and much more. Ductless systems allow you to circulate fresh and healthy air through your entire home.


Carbon Footprint

Because of the compact size of a ductless heating and cooling system, efficiency is increased. All of these systems also follow Energy Star guidelines that are designed to decrease a home’s carbon footprint while saving the homeowner money on their monthly utility bills. The refrigerant used in this heating and cooling process is called R410A, which has a zero ozone depletion potential.


As a global leader for indoor comfort by way of ductless heating and cooling systems, Comfort For Life Daikin has installed millions of systems all over the world, providing a healthier, more efficient and more comfortable residence for people to live in. A ductless heating and cooling system has many benefits but it is essentially ideal for any homeowner who is looking to take their indoor comfort system’s performance to the next level. The Daikin staff is comprised of licensed, bonded and insured heating contractors that will complete each job typically in no more than a couple of days. You can retain the aesthetics of your home and the job is completed with no inconvenience to you as the homeowner.

Daikin Warranty

All Daikin ductless systems come with 10-Year Compressor and 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty